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Video: 5 Steps To Get Rid Of Supplier Data Silos

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This short video clip is taken from our webinar ‘How To Connect Your Data Silos’, which you can watch in full in our Resources section here >>>

If you’re unable to view the video clip for any reason, below you can find the transcript of what our CEO Costas Xyloyiannis said during this part of the webinar:

“Now the five steps which we need to consider here in terms of an approach which we’re going to dive a little bit deeper into during the presentation.

First and foremost, you need a data and information governance framework. That’s the overarching framework around how you govern and do things, and we’re going to talk a little bit about that in this presentation.

You need to consider that it’s also a cultural and mentality type of shift within the organisation. Of course, in the era of digital this is becoming easier to get senior stakeholder buy-in for, but it’s imperative that we have top-down buy-in from leadership so we prioritise the need to have excellent data.

Then that gets embedded into us as an organisation, where we don’t see supplier data management as something back-office and clerical, but this is our competitive differentiator and we have to see it as a priority and also invest a certain amount of time and effort and resource into it.

Then we would need a way to unify all this information, so a supplier information management platform which can consolidate, integrate and govern the data with, across all these different systems. Once we do that, to make sure our work doesn’t go to waste, we need to make sure that we’re controlling the entry point.

What this really means is that we’re defining and doing processes in such a way that yield excellent data, not just as an afterthought but upfront.

And once we’ve established all these things, then we can progressively begin to clean up the history of bad data and information which has accumulated in all our different silos over a long period of time.”

Remember, you can find a lot more information related to all things supplier data-related in our Resources section here >>>

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