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Supplier Analytics

Usable supplier insights based on accurate data

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supplier analytics
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Transform data and insights into strategic business value with HICX’s supplier analytics platform

With a single source of truth for supplier data, unlock insights into key questions across the business.  Supercharge your spend analytics, risk, performance, category and product analysis with a supplier analytics platform and data you can trust

“Having a holistic view of the supplier and the corresponding spend was difficult. This lack of insight had prevented us from being fully able to leverage our size and consolidate spend among our store and business units, but with HICX that's all changed”

Jacy Bassett, Manager, Supplier Resource Department

Easily configurable dashboards

Enable individuals users to select the metrics that matter for their role and assemble a dashboard to provide instant access to insights based on supplier data they can trust with HICX's supplier analytics platform.

Supplier Success Metrics

Move beyond basic supply base metrics and start to evaluate supplier performance, risk, compliance, innovation and more at an individual supplier level or segment by a wide range of criteria, made possible by solid and complete data foundations.

Connect to business intelligence tools

Most large enterprises have invested heavily in dedicated business intelligence and supplier analytics tools. Intelligent exports from HICX enable your data analytics teams to extract exactly what they need, either on a one-off basis, or according to a schedule, and significantly improve supplier-related analysis with accurate data.

HICX query language

We've developed HXQL, a highly efficient query language specifically optimised to extract maximum insights from your supplier data quickly. Anyone familiar with SQL will be productive immediately as it's based on the same syntax.

Built for the business user

HICX is 100% focused on the supplier domain and supporting supplier management initiatives. This means our reporting and supplier analytics tools are not limited to narrow enquiries relating to data fill rates but are designed to address business questions for your teams across the organisation.

Best-of-breed friendly

At HICX we believe in selecting the right tools for the job so fully support a best-of-breed technology strategy. As such, our customers use a combination of HICX reports and their dedicated BI tools to meet their needs and we'll never restrict data or API access in order to force our interface and tools on end-users.


Change is the only constant in today’s fast paced global economy. The HICX platform allows customers to easily make updates to workflow, data model, forms and scripts without the need for IT experience or involvement, ensuring that you business analysis is always based on up to date supplier data from across your entire business.

Flexibility means high levels of customization and agility – essential when it comes to supplier information. The complex nature of the relationships, the rapidly changing market and regulatory conditions mean that low-code is a must for domain experts to be able to react to the latest developments in the best way for the brand.

Every large organisation has unique and constantly changing requirements.  It’s not a question of if you need to modify the software solution, but how. Developing new code or customizing a solution leads to dead-ends, technical debt, rising costs to maintain and an inability to adapt to business needs.

Using HICX low-code, tech staff or business users can configure to their unique requirements without breaking future upgrades or creating a support nightmare.  And because HICX is cloud-based and built specifically for supplier management, they’re never starting from scratch.

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The low-code platform designed to deliver supplier applications for the enterprise

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