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Supplier Experience Portal

Remove the friction and deliver a 1:1 supplier experience

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Supplier portal connecting all your supplier-facing systems
  • Mars Incorporated
  • EDF Energy
  • Unilever
  • Lenovo
  • Baker Hughes
  • Heineken

Product overview

A single intelligent supplier portal connecting all your supplier-facing systems

All suppliers in one place

Remove the complexity and friction that suppliers face when dealing with multiple systems and departments in your business. Set every supplier up for success with a streamlined supplier portal experience.

1:1 supplier experience

Every supplier has unique requirements; provide the self-serve flexibility to enable each to fully configure the supplier portal based on what matters to them

Built for enterprise tech stacks

Integrate with all relevant solutions in your business with a flexible integration framework based on nearly two decades of supplier domain experience.

A supplier meta portal for all your systems

Shield suppliers from your internal system complexity with a single, AI-driven intelligent supplier portal

  • Single sign-on supplier portal for everything. Remove the friction and headaches of multiple log-ins across your multitude of supplier-facing systems.

  • Personalized experience for each supplier. Enable each supplier to fully configure the dashboard based on their own workflows, priorities and jobs of work.

  • Task-led. Consolidate supplier tasks from all your systems into a single, logical view.  Enable suppliers to efficiently accomplish what’s needed, all managed from one place.

  • Digital assistant. Leverage AI and chat technology to make dealing with supplier enquiries and requests a joy for them, and 10x more efficient for you.

  • Mobile use cases.  A mobile experience designed around real-world supplier use cases, not just a small-screen view of the desktop experience.

supplier portal software for supplier experience management

“We’ve been blessed with a couple of aspects. One is great supplier relationships, that have not served only Mondelez but our suppliers in driving their business forward”

Quentin Roach, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Chief Procurement Officer, Mondelēz International, Inc.

Intelligence and flexibility built-in

Take advantage of no-code and AI technology to offer a supplier portal that’s right for you & your suppliers

  • No-code configuration. HICX’s no-code development toolkit enables non-tech staff at your suppliers to quickly configure the dashboard, notifications, tasks and more.

  • Integration expertise and technology to ensure data from any of your supplier-facing systems can be included in the supplier portal

  • Global notifications triggered by any combination of users, business-rules or other systems to ensure all can be managed from one place

  • Unique ‘X-tiles’ user interface to provide suppliers with customized instant access to the most relevant information they need

  • Supplier master-data foundations.  Tightly couple the experience portal to your supplier data master, either on the HICX platform or your chosen MDM solution.

low code supplier platform

For suppliers to get stuff done

Increase adoption through a great supplier experience and maximize ROI in your supplier-facing solutions

  • Centralized access to transaction systems. Make your suppliers’ lives easier with a single entry point to all transaction systems – for receiving orders, sending invoices or taking part in sourcing, innovation or discovery events.

  • Accelerate corporate initiatives. Provide faster and friction-free access to all the information your suppliers need relating to your corporate initiatives, such as sustainability, diversity and ethical trading.

  • Maximize supplier compliance. Enable suppliers to efficiently respond to compliance requests from anywhere in your organization through one single supplier portal.

  • Achieve and maintain perfect supplier data. Channel all supplier data requests via a single, intuitive self-service supplier portal software, tightly integrated to your supplier master data system of record.

Supplier portal

Optimize your business user experience 

Provide a single supplier portal for all your internal users – access supplier information, insights & communications all in one place

  • Segmented content management Enable internal teams to update supplier-facing information specific to individuals or segments of suppliers, from an integrated content management solution.

  • Kick-off targeted supplier initiatives to any subset of the supplier base.  Assemble the supplier list based on accurate data, and use the no-code interface to build the supplier workflow and rules you need.

  • Performance management reporting. Share supplier performance management reporting and action plans all through the single supplier portal.

Supplier performance assessment


HICX is 100% focused on supplier management.  We combine domain-expert supplier master data management with deep expertise in the challenges buyers and suppliers face working together.  We’re focused on delivering real value to business users in Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance and beyond.

We don’t provide generic technology solutions to satisfy narrow IT requirements for a simple master record, but a complete solution to address the business processes that rely on supplier data and the supplier experience.

Cleansing data at the start of the project sounds so enticing, but it doesn’t work in practice.  Almost nobody is willing to re-upload ‘cleaned’ data back into their live transactional systems as there’s just too much risk.

At HICX we take a different approach. You start by controlling the entry point for all new data and any changes to existing data.  Then, using our unique merge tools, we can identify low fill rates, fields with common errors, unused fields, missing mandatory data and all the major causes of data problems and data upload failures before reintegrating the improved data in to your live production system.

Achieve rapid improvements in data quality and implement the controls to keep it that way.

Supplier information management is a business challenge, not an IT one. HICX supplier data and supplier experience management projects focus on the business transformation outcome, not on fixing a narrow data problem.  We help businesses transform real-world business uses cases that span multiple teams across the organization.

HICX works with the largest brands in the world, supporting hundreds of thousands of suppliers per client. The platform is designed to handle very large data loads in minutes, essential in real-world projects where waiting for hours or even days is just not practical. Book a demo and see how our supplier portal software could work for you.

HICX combines the best of low-code and no-code.  Every brand has unique requirements and no-code enables non-technical staff to customise the solution without the need to wait in line for scarce IT resources.  Added to this, the complete flexibility of low-code and we’re able to deliver very large-scale supplier data projects in unheard-of timeframes.

Forms, approvals workflows, alerts, 3rd party ‘punchouts,’ integrations and even the data model can be configured to your company’s specific requirements by those that know the processes – the business users – and in a fraction of the time it would take the IT department or your systems integrator to code a generic MDM solution.

Supplier Management for the Enterprise

Supplier Management Solutions to enable your suppliers to do their best work for you.

Product overview