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Supplier Workflow

The central nervous system of your enterprise supplier management

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Supplier Workflow
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Frictionless supplier management

Supplier workflow is at the core of any supplier management initiative.

Define the process steps, approvals, sequences and conditions that ensure your supplier relationships are smooth and optimized for mutual success.

“With HICX, having all the requirements and workflows pre-defined, as we send suppliers on the onboarding process the information is collected, verified, and preserved. Since implementing HICX, we have seen a dramatic reduction in the issues that we’ve had”

Jerry Grable, Director of eBusiness, BAE Systems

Complex routing

Support the most complex and granular supplier workflows in your organisation, enabling you to include all supplier types in all locations in your supplier management programs, from onboarding to performance management, risk, compliance, sustainability and more.


No need to start from scratch, make use of a library of 38 (and counting) pre-built supplier workflows that HICX has developed with and for large organisations. Each supplier workflow can be customized to your particular needs, but a lot of the heavy lifting has already been done.

Supplier hierarchy

Develop supplier management workflows at all levels of the supplier hierarchy. Our supplier data model provides the flexibility to apply supplier workflow processes related to specific locations, business units, suppliers, parents, contracts or any level. No need to limit automation to just a small number of broadly applicable processes.

Restart processes

Often overlooked, the ability to restart a given process in the event that something goes wrong or a mistake is made is essential in the real world. The HICX supplier workflow tool enables you to restart processes without losing work associated with steps completed up to that point.


Create suppler workflows as simple or as complex as your use case requires. Use any number of conditions and decision paths to accommodate the wide variety of exceptions that exist in every large business.


Create and update supplier workflows on the fly without having to worry about processes that are already running.

Why HICX for Supplier Data Security?

Build sophisticated multi-stage supplier workflows with no coding skills required.   The HICX low-code supplier platform provides access to all of the conditions, parameters and workflow logic you need to orchestrate processes from the simplest to the most advanced, all without the need to call-on over-stretched IT resources.

Flexibility means high levels of customization and agility – essential when it comes to supplier information management. The complex nature of the relationships, the rapidly changing market and regulatory conditions mean that low-code is a must for domain experts to be able to react to the latest developments in the best way for the brand.

Organizations need to move away from the mindset that there’s such a thing as a ‘one-time fix’ that can be put in place and forgotten about. Otherwise what appeared to be a perfect solution when it was first implemented quickly starts to require changes. And inevitably, with changes come associated costs. By embracing a low-code approach, these changes can be quickly made and implemented at a fraction of the cost. Book a demo and see how our supplier workflow platform could work for you.

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The low-code platform designed to deliver supplier applications for the enterprise

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