There Are Poor Tools. And There Are Portals. A single portal for all your suppliers has landed.

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HICX enables the world’s leading brands and manufacturers to deliver a great experience to their suppliers.

1. Supplier expertise

HICX only provides solutions for supplier management. Every implementation, every line of code, every new development is to help enterprises work better with their suppliers.

  • Fast implementation for even the most complex customers

  • Supplier-context in every part of our platform and service

  • Continuous innovation focused on suppler experience

“Our journey with HICX started about 8 years ago when we saw a need to actually start doing supplier management”

Jerry Grable, Director of eBusiness, BAE Systems

2. Incredible flexibility

One-size never fits all for the largest and most complex companies. The big question then, is how to develop bespoke? With HICX low-code platform.

  • Fast development of custom solutions

  • Minimal tech skills for even complex functionality and workflows

  • Upgrade-friendly – no dead-end bespoke code building-up technical debt

“HICX gives us a place to add these further requirements onto, due to having a really good core structure.”

Adam Hubbard, Supply Chain Governance and Performance Manager

3. Fully integrated

Perfect supplier data in a silo adds no value. Supplier data is used by dozens of applications in the enterprise, so true value needs full integration.

  • Pre-build connectors to all major ERP and P2P suites

  • Deep expertise in the fine detail of supplier data integration

  • Architected as the supplier data layer for your entire infrastructure

“HICX touches all of this because a lot of the data that we collect in this process gets sent to our ERPs and Ariba.”

Craig Penk, Director, P2P Procurement Strategy and Process

4. Supplier data experts

At the core of Supplier Experience Management is perfect supplier data. But supplier data is complex and continuously changing.

  • A data model developed through more than 15 years of enterprise experience

  • Data governance for even the most complex organizations

  • ‘Global vs local’ data managed elegantly and at scale

“It’s not until you’re in the midst of it that you realize the importance of not underestimating the data!”

Jacy Bassett, Manager, Supplier Resource Department

Supplier data challenges are not new, so why have they not been fixed?

Unlike P2P suites

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  • HICX is built for data, not transactions
  • We help you onboard suppliers to your company not just your P2P suite
  • HICX was born to integrate, with every part of your tech stack

Unlike generic Master Data Management (MDM)

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  • HICX is only for supplier data; we understand the supplier context
  • HICX is a solution not a technology; while we offer complete flexibility, you’re not starting from scratch
  • We address all your supplier data, not just a limited set of common attributes
  • Our projects deliver real business value in double-quick time

Unlike building in-house

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  • We’ve done this before, many times, so we know the pitfalls and gotchas
  • We’re constantly innovating and delivering new capabilities
  • Our security and scale are always ahead of your needs