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Supplier Risk Management

Integrated supplier risk management for the world’s largest organizations

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Supplier Risk Management Framework
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Supplier Risk Management: Risk Mitigation & Assessment

Global events and ever-increasing supply chain complexity are pushing supplier risk management further up the corporate agenda.  Avoid a siloed approach and gaps in your planning by tightly integrating your risk management processes with supplier data capture and management.

“In the last few years we have seen increased cases of attempted fraud. Most of them unsuccessful, thankfully, but this tool helps to enforce that governance and mitigate fraudulent activity”

Craig Penk, Director, P2P Procurement Strategy and Process

Customize at scale

Build supplier risk and performance assessments for individual suppliers or segments at scale with an intuitive user interface developed specifically for Fortune 5000 manufacturers.

Combine objective and subjective assessments

Integrate with internal and external data sources and combine with scorecard-based feedback to provide an end-to-end view of supplier risk

Integrate with supplier lifecycle

Make supplier risk management part of the complete supplier lifecycle, not as a disconnected silo.

Key capabilities

Build your supplier risk management programs on centralized and accurate supplier master data to ensure all relevant suppliers are included, no exceptions and no gaps.

While superficially simple, managing critical communications across thousand of suppliers and tens or even hundreds of thousands of locations is in practice more complicated.  Use supplier information management, supplier profile and initiatives to communicate effectively and efficiently when it matters.

Develop supplier and segment-specific risk capture and reporting and build joint supplier risk mitigation plans with suppliers and internal stakeholders.  Use the HICX low-code interface to configure alerts based on events or thresholds reached.

Build automated data collection initiatives to ensure you’re continually updating risk and supplier compliance management information based on their risk profile.

Why HICX for Supplier Risk Management?

Flexible enough for the most complex

Every large company has unique and complex requirements. Our platform is build for ultimate configuration with no custom development needed.

Fully integrated to your ERP

Turn-off access to direct changes in ERP to ensure integrity of the data, while at the same time empower end-users to own the data within the rules you set.

Implementation and service

We combine technology and expertise to deliver highly complex supplier risk management projects in record time - just ask our customers!

Supplier domain specialists

We're 100% focused on solutions to help enterprises and their suppliers work better together. Book a demo and see how our supplier risk management software could work for you.

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