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Supplier Onboarding

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Article — 6 min read

Supplier Portals: Best Practice in Supplier Onboarding and Enablement

Supplier onboarding is a critical process for organizations, ensuring that new suppliers are seamlessly integrated as partners for the enterprise. With the increasing complexity of supply chains and the supplier landscape, and the need for efficiency and risk management, optimizing the supplier onboarding process has become more important than ever. In a recent webinar, industry […]

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Your Definitive Guide to Supplier Portal Strategy

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Article — 7.5 min read

What Are the Benefits of a Proof-Of-Concept?

The proof-of-concept (POC) is an essential part of the process when acquiring new technologies for an enterprise. However, it is a step that is frequently by-passed or greatly reduced in scope, which limits the full benefits that can be realized by the process. One of the reasons for the omission is that traditional, established frameworks […]

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