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Article — 10.5 min read

Current ‘technology stacks’ fuel tension between business and IT

In a recent HICX survey conducted with Raconteur, 88% of procurement experts confirmed that ownership of supplier data was shared between Procurement and at least one other function – which in 85% of cases included IT. This situation leads to sub-optimal outcomes, a point backed up by the same survey in which 89% of total respondents […]

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Article — 12 min read

Coronavirus Crisis: The Lessons Procurement Must Learn From COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic, more than any other crisis event in recent times, presented immediate and urgent challenges to organisations, and major threats to business continuity. As such, all divisions of all organisations – including procurement – have had to adapt to support rapidly changing priorities. This extreme adaptation is actually an outright acceleration of trends […]

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Article — 4.5 min read

Ensure High-quality Supplier Data By Focusing On These Four Key Areas

Anyone who has tried (and struggled) to use their ERP to manage vendors will know how confusing this is. A few years ago however, many procurement functions would have battled through this pain with gritted teeth and attempted to manage their suppliers using transactional systems such as P2P. Thankfully, the last few years has seen […]

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