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Supplier Data Model

A supplier data model for every scenario you will think of

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Supplier Data Model
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Data flexibility that’s been proven time and again

Underpinning every supplier management initiative is the supplier data model.

How you structure the data will dictate every internal and supplier-facing use case and service you want to support.

Genuine, proven flexibility is essential.

“It's not until you're in the midst of it that you realize the importance of not underestimating the data”

Jacy Bassett, Mananger, Supplier Resource Department

Manage via the user interface

The supplier data model in a large organisation continually evolves as new systems and new use cases are introduced. With HICX, any changes needed can be all be made through an intuitive user interface meaning no specialist database knowledge is required.

In contrast, with a typical Master Data Management solution any changes must be made by adding fields to tables within the database itself. This is time-consuming, carries risk and means requests are often caught in an IT change management bottleneck.

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Fully extendable

The HICX supplier data model is designed to support any use case or technical integration scenario. New objects can be created easily, for example for locations, bank accounts, audits, products, contacts and more. This provides for huge flexibility as these objects can then be easily linked to other objects for more sophisticated workflows, reporting and integration.

In contrast, most other solutions simply allocate a limited number of fields as custom or extended fields within the supplier object. This limits flexibility and often means that decisions made during the design phase limit future unforeseen requirements.

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Proven, out-of-the-box

HICX is used by Global 2000 companies that have tens of thousands of suppliers and multiple ERP and P2P instances from multiple vendors. As such, the supplier data model is proven in the real-world and supports a huge range of integrations and use cases in the most complex and regulated companies in the world.

System agnostic

HICX has been designed from day 1 to be agnostic of source and target system. Our customers use combinations of ERP and P2P solutions form different vendors, with different versions, substantial and customizations, as well as bespoke and legacy platforms and a combination of on-premise and cloud models.

This is in contract to many alternatives which are optimized to support a particular ERP vendor and therefore struggle with system architecture complexity.

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Global and local data

The most common obstacle for managing supplier data properly is coping with local requirements. A generic MDM solution can standardize supplier records for 'global' data that rarely changes - name, HQ, tax ID etc. - but true supplier MDM must accommodate thousands of small but essentials differences at a local supplier relationship level.

Through years of experience with Global 2000 multi-nationals, HICX has developed un-matched flexibility to accommodate fine-grained local differences to deliver genuine supplier master data management.

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Infinite hierarchies

Organizing and cleaning supplier data to remove duplicates and inaccuracies is essential. But true value form supplier data comes when companies can interrogate data and extract business insights using business intelligence tools and machine learning. HICX provides the flexibility in hierarchies to truly unlock business value.


HICX is the supplier data company.  For more than 15 years we’ve been helping very large, complex and regulated companies take control of their supplier data.

Everything we do, every investment in software and people we make, is focused on helping enterprises build the best possible working relationships with their suppliers, and this all starts with the data.

In large enterprise, it’s never a question of if you need to modify the software solution, but how. Developing custom code leads to dead-ends, technical debt, increased TCO and limits your ability to support future business requirements.

Using HICX low-code, tech staff or business users can configure to their unique requirements without breaking future upgrades or creating a support nightmare.  And because HICX is cloud-based and built specifically for supplier management, they’re never starting from scratch.

Centralised, IT-led master data initiatives too often fail to get to the core of the business challenge, focusing instead on a purely technical solution to a data problem.

At HICX, we view supplier master data management as the means to an end. By taking control of supplier data, ensuring it’s complete, accurate and up to date, organizations with tens of thousands of suppliers can unlock actionable business insights, remove inefficiencies from supplier interactions, and position themselves to be ‘customer of choice’ for all their suppliers.

Master data projects are infamous for taking years to complete as they work from department to department to standardize a limited set of fields for each record type.

At HICX, because we only work with supplier data, and because our goal is to deliver value to every department that works with suppliers, we’re able to deliver complete supplier master data management projects, spanning multiple ERP instances and business units in record time.  Book a demo and find out how we continue to surprise our customers.

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