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Supplier Experience Management

Supplier Experience Management: be customer of choice for all your suppliers

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Supplier Experience Management: Be customer of choice for all your suppliers
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Supplier Experience Management means creating the conditions for buyer and supplier mutual success.

Suppliers to many large multi-national organizations are required to login to multiple systems in order to manage different types of transactions or access required information.  Managing many account sign-ons, coping with a variety of different user experiences and trying to piece together the required actions and the correct order results in increased cost and frustration for the supplier.

Remove this friction and enable your suppliers to do their best work for you with supplier experience management.

“In order to build a best-in-class supplier management experience such as Supplier Central, you have to have the right foundations that enable the deployment of best-of-breed solutions. With HICX, we now have that.”

Stephane Sacherer, Associate Director Global Procure to Pay​ at Mondelēz International​

Single data layer

Ensure all your internal teams and suppliers are working from the same complete and accurate data, regardless of the software or system they're using.

Experience layer

In large organizations, having multiple systems to manage the full breadth of the supplier relationship is unavoidable. Shield your teams and suppliers from the complexity with a single, intelligent experience supplier portal.


Poor supplier experience is caused by disconnected and siloed systems. Integrate your procurement suites, ERP and best-of-breed applications so that suppliers and buyers alike enjoy a joined-up and intuitive experience.

Key capabilities

Take an outside-in view of your supplier management programs.  Multiple teams, using a variety of channels and software solutions, are communicating with your supplier base continuously.  Suppliers are also encouraged to self-serve for different transactions types such as invoices, payment status, sourcing events, compliance certifications, catalogue updates and more, all via different systems. Have you considered the effect this has on the experience for each supplier?

By implementing a single dashboard-style supplier portal that’s designed around the supplier and their needs, buying organizations can significantly increase supplier adoption of key initiatives, reduce the number of inbound enquiries and increase overall supplier satisfaction.

Suppliers are frequently required to respond to different requests and initiatives from across your business, covering compliance, risk, performance, transactional, data, sustainability and more.  Help your suppliers prioritize and navigate these requests with a logical, task-based workflow aggregated from across all the different systems you use.

Provide suppliers with a single sign-on to access all the transactional systems and information they need as part of their relationship with you.

Make it easy for your suppliers to access all of the information they need as a supplier to your business.  Consolidate corporate initiative information on subjects such as sustainability, supplier diversity, ethical sourcing and more, along with practical and administrative instructions in order to make doing business with you more efficient.

Segment suppliers and present only what each individual supplier needs in order to reduce the ‘noise’ and increase supplier self-reliance.

Enable suppliers to manage their notifications and events through a single interface rather than having to login and figure-out how to use multiple software solutions.

Why HICX for Supplier Experience Management?

1:1 supplier experience

We firmly believe that the best suppliers doing their best work for you, is a serious competitive advantage. Using our platform, leading brands are pioneering the concept of supplier experience management.

Supplier data experts

HICX has been delivering supplier data solutions to the largest companies in the world for almost two decades. Our supplier experience management platform is built on rock-solid data foundations.

Enterprise flexibility

Every large company has unique and complex requirements. Our supplier experience management platform is built for ultimate configuration with no custom development needed.

Supplier domain expertise

We're 100% focused on solutions to help enterprises and their suppliers work better together. Book a demo and see how our supplier experience management platform could work for you.

More ways to use HICX

See how the Supplier Experience Management Platform can put your suppliers at the heart of your digital transformation

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