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Supplier Data Integration

Supplier data at the heart of your application architecture

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Supplier Data Integration
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Not just middleware

Every system using the same supplier data. Every ERP instance, every P2P suite and every best-of-breed application in your business.

Integrating supplier data into live systems in very large organizations is a major challenge and is too often excluded from supplier information management projects.  At HICX, we think this defeats the purpose so we’ve developed the technology and processes to handle even the most complex tech landscapes to enable you to realise the full value of great supplier data.

“The opportunities that come from the consolidation and enhancement of data can have a healthy impact”

Greg Brown, Head of Procurement Directorate, EDF Energy

Supplier domain expertise

A supplier data model that cuts by half the time to map to a new target system.  With thousands of integrations completed, we know the complexities and idiosyncrasies of supplier data integration in the real world.

Automation rules

Automatically populate mandatory fields in any ERP vendor master, even those which mean nothing to the end-user. Remove one of the main obstacles to the roll-out of data initiatives.

Pre-built connectors

Support for all major ERP, procurement and supply chain software solutions speeds up implementation cycles and reduces reliance on expensive IT integration resources

Reconciliation dashboard

Uniquely, HICX provides a dedicated user interface to enable business-line users to reconcile the data extracted from their ERP and P2P systems with the data to be pushed back to those same target applications.  Most companies don't trust 'cleansed' data enough to simply reload it to ERP.  With HICX, trust is established at the data field level and at scale.

Data loading capability

Manage data loads with millions of data attributes to and from ERP instances in minutes.  Our scalable AWS-based infrastructure has been designed based on the experience of thousands of data projects, and we know these are never one-time data loads so speed is essential.

Architecture flexibility

HICX can be the single supplier database and integration layer for every application or can operate within an existing middleware and / or MDM framework to reflect the realities of enterprise architecture policies and constraints

Why HICX for Supplier Data Integration?

Fully integrate your supplier data with every application, at massive scale – hundreds of thousands of suppliers, millions of data attributes, hundreds of software applications.

Our expertise, technology platform and toolset have been developed to handle genuine enterprise scale.

MDM implementations are infamous for taking years, and never reaching completion, not so with HICX. Our customers are repeatedly amazed at the speed with which supplier data management projects on a massive scale go live.

Seemingly ‘simple’ enterprise suppler data management projects are never that. Even working with just a single ERP instance presents challenges with ‘global’ and ‘local’ data that other vendors struggle to support.

We support ERP supplier data integration implementations involving tens or even hundreds of ERP instances from multiple vendors, delivering a single version of truth for supplier data for even the most complex system architectures.

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The low-code platform designed to deliver supplier applications for the enterprise

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