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Low/No Code Supplier Platform

Extraordinary flexibility at your fingertips, with no IT bottleneck

Low-code supplier management platform

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low code supplier platform
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No code / Low code supplier platform, resolving the ‘build versus buy’ debate with low code customization

Meet your unique requirements through configuration not new development.

Accelerate time-to-value, make small changes fast and reduce the IT burden by empowering users to self-serve even complex changes to forms, workflows, integrations and more.

“That's what's nice about being in a low-code environment, is to be able to address these or gaps or errors as we find them without significantly impacting the business”

Craig Penk, Director, P2P Procurement Strategy and Process

Data Model flexibility

At the heart of your supplier management is the data model. Every enterprise has unique requirements for the data elements to be included and with HICX low code supplier platform, business users can add and edit data fields, within parameters you set, so the data model evolves with your business and stops holding you back.

Customized workflows

Enable business users to assemble individual tasks and rules into an end-to-end process, without the need to go through a complete change request cycle with a 3rd party vendor or the IT department with HICX's low code supplier platform.

Easy-to-update forms

Make changes to forms as often as the business needs with no negative impact on the live system. No up-front requirements process captures every supplier type and scenario, so build-in flexibility to adapt to any new request quickly and easily.

Automation and alerts

Supplier-related events that trigger alerts – such as a new sanctions match or being single-sourced in a given category – are essential in businesses with high supplier volumes. Using low-code building blocks and ‘IFTTT’ (If This Then That) style interface enables end-users to configure highly bespoke alerts as needed.

Validations and integrations

Stay compliant with financial, labor and data privacy laws across the entire supplier ecosystem via integrations to third party sources of compliance data such as D&B, EcoVadis, Maplecroft and more. And with HICX low code supplier platform, end-users can add and configure new validations based on their business expertise.

Stakeholder surveys

Low-code enables business users to configure new performance management surveys quickly by assembling the building blocks – forms, scoring model, assessment workflow, KPIs and reporting into any combination needed, based on specific business requirements. No IT resources needed.

Why HICX Low-Code for Supplier Management?

Every large organisation has unique and constantly changing requirements.  It’s not a question of if you need to modify the software solution, but how. Developing new code or customizing a solution leads to dead-ends, technical debt, rising costs to maintain and an inability to adapt to business needs.

Using HICX’s low code supplier platform, tech staff or business users can configure to their unique requirements without breaking future upgrades or creating a support nightmare.  And because HICX is cloud-based and built specifically for supplier management, they’re never starting from scratch.

Flexibility means high levels of customization and agility – essential when it comes to supplier information management. The complex nature of the relationships, the rapidly changing market and regulatory conditions mean that low-code is a must for domain experts to be able to react to the latest developments in the best way for the brand.

Change is the only constant in today’s fast paced global economy. The HICX low code supplier platform allows customers to easily make updates to workflow, data model, forms and scripts without the need for IT experience or involvement.

Organizations need to move away from the mindset that there’s such a thing as a ‘one-time fix’ that can be put in place and forgotten about. Otherwise what appeared to be a perfect solution when it was first implemented quickly starts to require changes. And inevitably, with changes come associated costs. By embracing a low-code approach, these changes can be quickly made and implemented at a fraction of the cost. Book a demo and see how our low code supplier platform could work for you.

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