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Supplier Onboarding

Make a great first impression: frictionless onboarding your suppliers will love

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Supplier onboarding with HICX
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  • Mondelez International

Reduce the costs, delays and frustrations of manual or siloed supplier onboarding.

A single flexible supplier onboarding portal, with built-in automation, for onboarding all suppliers, will deliver a great supplier experience that’s fast, efficient and safe for you.

“By consolidating all of our touch points and enabling self-service supplier onboarding capabilities, we aim to crush complexity while also building for the future with a flexible, adaptable solution.”

Stephane Sacherer, Associate Director Global Procure to Pay, Mondelez

Onboarding is for the enterprise, not just the P2P

Capture up-front the information that all your departments and systems need, not just the bare minimum for your purchasing or sourcing tool.

Single front door

A supplier onboarding portal for every supplier – direct, indirect, strategic or occasional – but one which dynamically adjusts the requirements based on your rules for each supplier segment.

Integrated from the start

Fully integrate the data from your supplier onboarding software with all your core systems – ERP, P2P, SCM and more – through an MDM (master data) layer that ensures everyone is working from the same information.

Key capabilities

From your smallest indirect supplier to your global tier-one manufacturers, all your vendors impact your business, but supplier onboarding requirements are not equal for all. Customize the experience dynamically to collect every piece of information you need for each supplier while hiding unnecessary fields and complexity with HICX’s supplier onboarding platform.

Automatically collect data from trusted third party sources and significantly reduce the supplier onboarding time and effort for your suppliers and your team. Pre-built connectors to over 40 sources, including D&B, Ecovardis, IntegrityNext, DowJones and SWIFT, save hours for every supplier.

Automatically populate required fields in your ERP, without confusing suppliers or staff with system-drive data requests, by deploying business rules via a powerful low code supplier platform interface.

Use easily configurable workflow to implement checks and approvals at logical stages in the business process.

For example, requestors usually do want to check for existing suppliers first, but unless it’s easy they’ll request a new one if there’s any doubt. HICX builds duplicate checking into the natural workflow and based on rules by supplier segment.

It’s also the back-and-forth that makes supplier onboarding solutions so painful for many. A low-code based workflow engine enables you to define who needs to approve what and when and makes the supplier an integrated part of the journey, so no need for tiresome email trails requesting more information.

The most effective route to managing supplier risk and supplier compliance is to build the necessary checks and requests into the supplier onboarding process.  Capture the information you need, augment with APIs to trusted 3rd parties, and populate your document management and risk solutions directly from the onboarding supplier portal.

Supplier onboarding solutions shouldn’t exist as an island, or for a single system. Dozens of applications across the enterprise need access to supplier data so the HICX onboarding supplier portal captures or automatically populates a supplier master data record fit for purpose and specific to each different ERP.

Ensuring that the supplier experience is as customized and streamlined as possible, will maximize adoption and reduce the time taken to on-board each supplier.  Use no-code configuration to deliver the right experience for every supplier.

Why HICX for Supplier Onboarding?

Supplier domain expertise

We're 100% focused on solutions to help enterprises and their suppliers work better together.

ERP integration experience

We've integrated supplier data to thousands of ERP instances and understand the detail that can so often derail projects.

Enterprise flexibility

Every large company has unique and complex requirements. Our platform is built for ultimate configuration with no custom development needed. Book a demo and see how our supplier onboarding software could work for you.

Implementation excellence

We combine technology and expertise to deliver highly complex supplier management projects in record time - just ask our customers!

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