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Supplier Management

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Article — 4.5 min read

How To Choose Modern, Smart Supplier Value Management Software

Supplier Experience Live 2023 During this year’s Supplier Experience Live Conference, Duncan Jones former Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, delivered a session on ‘How to choose supplier value management (SVM) software.’  The article will cover:   Why modern AI-powered software should replace the database-centric approach The unified data model has not worked well […]

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Article — 16.5 min read

Global Supply Chain Management: Best Practices and Trends

As an increasing number of organizations engage with vendors on a global level to fulfill their supply chains, the need for supply chain robustness has never been so critical. It ensures businesses can maintain performance and avoid potential disruptions as and when they occur, resulting in securing their reputations and avoiding losses in revenue. This […]

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Transforming Pharmaceutical Manufacturing- The Crucial Role of Supplier Management

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