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Supplier Process Orchestration

Supplier Process Orchestration

The no-code solution to orchestrate all your supplier workflows

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Supplier Process Orchestration
  • EDF Energy
  • Baker Hughes
  • Cytivia
  • BAE Systems
  • AutoNation
  • Mars Incorporated

Product overview

Orchestrate all supplier processes in a single platform.
Integrated, unified and seamless.

Bring it all together

Supplier-related processes run across multiple teams and software. Centralize control and deliver a joined-up experience for internal teams and your suppliers by orchestrating everything from a single no code platform.

Deliver business value, faster

No code orchestration, and a library of templates to get you started means business users can quickly and easily set-up and edit process workflows with no need for IT support. Make the improvements that the business needs without the wait.

Maximise Existing Investments

Supplier Process Orchestration integrates with your existing technology stack - streamline, orchestrate and control supplier-related processes without the need to replace the tools that are already adding value.

No Code Business Process Modelling

Define the supplier processes and workflows that power your business

  • Workflow modelling. Enables you to build process definitions using all standard BPMN features as well as convenient HICX building blocks which speed up the configuration process.

  • Data model. Build supply chain orchestrations based on the most flexible, robust and supplier-centric data model, proven in the world’s largest and most complex supply chains.

  • Forms builder. Fast and flexible forms builder designed with supplier processes in mind. Include intuitive and efficient interaction points for supplier and internal staff in your end-to-end processes.

  • Organizational model Standardized model which allows you to easily represent your businesses organisation matrix to be used in developing workflows, making it easy to deploy globally and provide segregation and localization at the same time.

  • Scripting No code speeds development, but in cases where nothing but code will do, ultimate flexibility is available through scripting – any supplier, any workflow.

supplier data consolidation connect HICX

“Data doesn’t generally excite people – it’s very foundational. But the opportunities that come from supplier data consolidation and enhancement of data can have a healthy impact on the bottom line”

Denise Foley, Chief Procurement Officer

Pre-built Connectors and Integration for the tech you use

Integrate your workflows with the internal systems and external data sources that are most supplier-relevant

  • Pre-built connectors. Off-the-shelf and proven in the real-world connectors to the applications and data sources that are relevant to the supplier domain

  • ERP. Deep integration to ERP – regardless of the number of instances and mix of vendors – and flexibility to accommodate the different vendor master structures implemented.

  • Procuretech suites and best-of-breed. Pre-built connectors to the major P2P and Supply Chain suites and a growing number of the most common best of breed applications which address specific supplier-related use cases.

  • 3rd party data sources. Incorporate external data sources to populate, augment or validate data as part of your process orchestration. HICX provides pre-build punch-outs to many of the most popular data services that are relevant to supplier management.

  • Collaboration tools. Incorporate collaboration and communications tools into your supplier workflows with connectors to helpdesk and ticket management applications as well as chat, document sharing and knowlede-base systems

  • Integration framework. Where no connector currently exists, use the HICX integration framework to rapidly build connectors to any application using industry standards integration protocols.

Pre-built Connectors and Integrations

Tasks and Automation

Drive efficiency in supplier workflows with intelligent automation while ensuring human input when needed.

  • Create Jobs and Schedulers. Incorporate tasks, actions and approvals in your supplier workflows and build logic based on roles and conditions to maximise automation while at the same time ensuring the right level of human scrutiny on business-critical processes.

  • Rules and alerts. Create and apply global and local rules, with associated alerts and actions. For example, enforce an interruption and human check whenever bank account details are edited, regardless of the specific workflow.

  • Inbox for tasks. Provide a single inbox to manage all tasks, regardless of location and include tasks created automatically or manually.

Intelligent supplier workflow automations

Testing and Deployment

Take advantage of no-code process orchestration in the real-world of enterprise IT

  • Enterprise IT tooling. HICX supplier process orchestration is designed for the enterprise and provides the infrastructure and support tools needed for high-performing, complex technology environments

  • Deployment center. Collaborate on procurement orchestration at scale across multiple teams without version and synchronisation issues.. Prioritise deployments and build-in approvals to ensure business continuity with each go-live.

  • Configuration workspaces. Edit existing, and develop new process workflows in a sandboxed environment, isolated from live systems. Test configuration changes before deployment.

  • Configuration repository. Maintain a library of current and historical configurations in order to reduce time to value for new workflows and to facilitate fast de-bugging before deployment.

Admin panel with supplier data consolidation


HICX is a no code supplier platform.  Every brand has unique requirements and no-code enables non-technical staff to customise the solution without the need to wait in line for scarce IT resources.  It also enables us to deliver very large-scale supplier data projects in unheard-of timeframes.

Forms, approvals workflows, alerts, 3rd party ‘punchouts,’ integrations and even the data model can be configured to your company’s specific requirements by those that know the processes – the business users – and in a fraction of the time it would take the IT department or your systems integrator to code a generic MDM solution.

HICX is only for supplier data.  We’re a domain-expert master data management provider focused on delivering real value to business users in Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance and beyond.  We don’t provide a generic Master Data Management tool to satisfy narrow IT requirements for a simple master record, but a complete solution to address the business processes that rely on supplier data.

We’ve enabled some of the world’s largest and most complex businesses to take control of their supplier data.

HICX works with the largest brands in the world, supporting hundreds of thousands of suppliers per client.  The platform is designed to handle very large data loads in minutes, essential in real-world projects where waiting for hours or even days is just not practical.

While every organisation’s supplier data model is unique, there are requirements that are common to all.  Based on the experience of implementing hundreds of major projects, we have a canonical data model that massively simplifies the mapping process, leading to more efficient projects with much shorter time-to-value.

Supplier Management for the Enterprise

Supplier Management Solutions to enable your suppliers to do their best work for you.

Product overview