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Article — 6 min read

An Exciting Time for Procurement

Anyone who works in Procurement and Supply Chain will be aware of the level of change industries have been through in the past few years. The procurement function is no longer merely tactical but is becoming increasingly strategic. Technological advancements are continuously improving, data issues are still not resolved, and the turbulent events at the […]

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Podcast — 24min listen

An Interview on Lessons from 25 years in Procurement with Peter Bolle

For this episode of the Supplier Experience Live Podcast from HICX, we welcomed Peter Bolle. Peter is a former Senior Strategic Procurement Manager at Air Canada, who, after more than 25 years at the organization, has a wealth of experience in areas including strategic sourcing, category management and supplier management. How Procurement and Supply Chain […]

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Article — 13.5 min read

What Is Supplier Management and Why Is It Important?

What is Supplier Management? Supplier management is identifying, qualifying, acquiring, onboarding and managing suppliers who are essential for the operation of a business and its products and services. Its core objective is to ensure that all contracts with suppliers are in place to support each aspect of the organization to put it in the best […]

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