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Supply Chain

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Article — 12 min read

The Importance of Emissions Tracking & Management in Supply Chains

Following the most recent IPCC report, organizations face intensifying pressures to manage and track their carbon emissions throughout their supply chains to reduce their environmental impact. There is a particular focus on supply chains due to the amount of electricity used to store and transport goods in warehouses. This has led to an increasing collective […]

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Podcast — 40min listen

An Interview on What Darwin’s Theory Can Tell Us About Procurement and Supply Chains with David Loseby

For this episode of the Supplier Experience Live podcast from HICX, we welcomed David Loseby. David is an advisor, author, speaker, and visiting scholar at the University of East Anglia. David describes himself as a ‘pracademic,’ or practitioner academic, having held various global CPO roles across a number of industries, including retail, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, aerospace […]

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Article — 6 min read

An Exciting Time for Procurement

Anyone who works in Procurement and Supply Chain will be aware of the level of change industries have been through in the past few years. The procurement function is no longer merely tactical but is becoming increasingly strategic. Technological advancements are continuously improving, data issues are still not resolved, and the turbulent events at the […]

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