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The Supplier Management Platform

Every supplier doing their best work for you is a serious competitive advantage. Take control of your supplier data and provide all your suppliers with a frictionless experience for every interaction.

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Supplier Information Management

Onboarding and profile management throughout the lifecycle, for 100% of your suppliers

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Supplier Experience Portal

Single sign-on and aggregated workflow across all your systems to deliver a 1:1 supplier experience

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Supplier Process Orchestration

Supplier Process Orchestration

The no-code solution to orchestrate all your supplier workflows.

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best supplier information management solution & software
supplier portal software for supplier experience management
Supplier Process Orchestration

Supplier Management Platform

Our supplier management platform provides consolidated data management & supplier experience across every system in your business.

The single source of truth for supplier data, and an intelligent portal for your supplier to access everything they need from one place.

Data model

Flexibility for the most complete multi-ERP, multi-BU organizations. 100% supplier domain.


Orchestration of internal and supplier-facing processes for any use case spanning any number of functions.

Integration & Automation

Pre-built integrations to all the major suites and automation enabling you to slash spend on SIs.


Perfect combination of time-to-value and flexibility. No tech debt from customer code.

Supplier Analytics

Out-of-the-box reporting and metrics based on deep domain knowledge and / or plug-in your preferred BI tool

“What we found throughout the pandemic is we were able to work much faster, with much greater agility. We found opportunities to bring new partners on board in really quick ways. Costas and his team are doing a great job of one of the most fundamental capabilities we need in the future and that is around data and technology.”

Quentin Roach, SVP Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer


Put perfect supplier data at the heart of your application architecture.


For large-scale digital transformation projects, the implementation partner is every bit as important as the technology.

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Customer Success

At HICX, we pride ourselves on our high-touch, dedicated customer success and support services. At the start of every project, we assemble a team of experts that will be with you for the duration, fully aligned to your definition of success.

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