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A team of supplier data experts, here to help

Implementation for supplier information management
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  • EDF Energy
  • Baker Hughes

A long-term partnership

For large-scale digital transformation projects, the implementation partner is every bit as important as the technology.

HICX has helped some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world transform the way they work with suppliers.  Our team of supplier data, integration and process experts are here to ensure we exceed your expectations and that you get the most from the HICX Supplier Experience Management platform.

“HICX has pulled off a miracle!  This is the second miracle they have performed!”

Malina Dumitrescu, Digital Technology Product Manager

Supplier expertise

For more than 15 years, HICX has been helping buying organizations and their suppliers achieve mutual success. All our teams, every project and all our training, tools and processes are 100% focused on supplier management for global 5000 companies.

Supplier data

The largest inhibitor to supplier digital transformation, and the most common obstacle to success is addressing supplier data. At HICX, we have dedicated resources with deep understanding of the complexities of supplier data management, and our tools and processes are designed to ensure the data phase is smooth and pain-free.

Integration experts

To achieve maximum return from supplier data management projects, leading companies integrate supplier master data with all their ERP, supply chain and P2P solutions that need to access that shared data. Every project is different and our world-class consultants ensure integrations are smooth and seamless.

Project management

HICX project managers are industry certified and experienced at working with large, complex organizations on major digital transformation projects.

Project governance

HICX follows project governance best practice to ensure all stakeholders and team members from all parties stay informed and are included in the appropriate phased tollgates.


Go-live with large-scale supplier management projects, faster and with higher quality than you previously thought possible.  Our combination of supplier-specific technology and our implementation expertise and methodology mean we consistently exceed customer expectations and accelerate their time-to-value.

There are common problems that every supplier data and supplier management project faces.  Our experience with some of the worlds largest organizations means we know what these are and how to avoid them.

We don’t just ask for your requirements and then implement them, we work in partnership with your broader teams to understand the wider business goals and jointly agree on the best approach, combining technology and process improvement.

Enterprise software projects are infamous for overrun and high failure rates, often because 3rd party implementation providers have a vested interest in more billable hours.

With HICX, our experience in supplier management projects means we know what’s involved and can provide realistic project timing and cost estimates and stick to them.

HICX services

Supplier experience and data specialists, dedicated to delivering against our customers’ objectives.

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