Supplier Experience Management (SXM)

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How does Supplier Experience Management create a win-win for both customers and suppliers?

The last years have seen a fundamental and permanent shift in supply chain relationships and leading organizations recognize that their future growth relies on the strength of their supplier base. Supplier Experience Management (SXM) is the practice of creating the conditions in which a buying organization and all of its suppliers can achieve mutual success […]

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Video — 5min watch

Why Is Supplier Experience Now Such a Key Priority?

The era of Supplier Experience is here Accelerated by recent global events and propelled by today’s need to fundamentally change the way in which organizations interact with their suppliers, there is a realization in the industry that the enterprise-supplier relationship cannot be treated as a zero-sum game. Suppliers as an extension of the organization Instead, […]

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Event — August 25, 2022

Negotiating Your Success: Do Your Suppliers Finally Have a Voice?

The Suppliers’ Perspective From the Humphrey and Schmitz three value chain governance models and the Walmart Effect Vlasic Pickle story to the innovative upside-down Heinze bottle collaboration, our industry has gone through a sporadically halting transformation in buyer-supplier relations. At the beginning of September 2022, HICX will publish the results of their “Voice of the […]

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