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Supplier Marketing

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Article — 10.5 min read

How To Drive Supplier Adoption & Engagement with Supplier Marketing

Supplier Experience Live 2023 Just as digitalization and automation have reshaped the customer marketing experience over the last decade or more, and just as we’re seeing the growth of employee marketing to attract and retain the best talent, so too should we expect supplier marketing to take hold on the buyer side of the equation […]

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Three Steps to Supplier Marketing

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Article — 34.5 second read

Infographic: Supplier Marketing

Step into the future of Procurement with our visually captivating infographic that highlights the significance of Supplier Marketing. In this piece, we analyze two of our recent surveys, offering a comprehensive view of Procurement from both the buyers’ and suppliers’ perspectives. The results reveal a noticeable gap between the desires and necessities of suppliers, and […]

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