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Article — 9 min read

How to Start Building the Optimal Supplier Experience

Building the Optimal Supplier Experience Providing an optimal supplier experience is only possible through a deep understanding of how your suppliers are expected to interact with an organization and then streamlining those processes in a ‘supplier-centric’ way. From a practical perspective, ‘supplier centricity’ in the context of Supplier Experience Management means removing friction from every […]

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Article — 12 min read

What Causes Friction for Suppliers?

As Adam Brown, Managing Director, Procurement Strategy & Digital Transformation at Maersk, points out in a recent interview with HICX, “The sheer multitude of touchpoints for suppliers when transacting with many large enterprises can create confusion and inefficiencies.”  The issue resonates with suppliers. Our recent ‘Voice of the Supplier’ survey revealed that 61% of suppliers […]

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Webinar — 50min watch

How the Suppliers’ Perspective Will Reshape Ways of Working

Collaborative mindsets and capabilities Following the recent publication of the HICX’s Voice of the Supplier Survey, in which we asked over 500 suppliers to some of the largest companies in the world about their challenges and recommendations that they have for reducing friction in relationships between enterprises and suppliers, we asked a panel of experts […]

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