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Managing Supplier Compliance

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Supplier Compliance Management

Keep pace with the ever-growing list of supplier compliance requirements, ranging from tax and business registration to areas such as sustainability, fraud prevention, trade compliance, diversity and more.

An automated approach that’s tailored to each supplier is essential.

Supplier compliance management isn’t a one-time exercise.  Ensure any solution can support constant monitoring to ensure certificates are up to date and new requirements are extended to existing suppliers.

“HICX, which is our supplier onboarding and supplier management systems, is one of only two systems that we use in supply chain that are properly embedded across all 5 of our different businesses.”

Adam Hubbard, Supply Chain Governance and Performance Manager


Achieve and maintain supplier compliance management with a single, integrated solution that ensures changes can only made through a single interface as defined by your data governance


Build robust compliance capture and maintenance on secure data foundations. Put simply, if your supplier data is inaccurate or incomplete, you are highly unlikely to be 100% compliant across your entire supplier base.


Remove friction and redundancy for your suppliers and internal teams by personalizing the supplier compliance management requirements based on the individual supplier relationship.

Key capabilities

Easily define any number of risk and compliance programs to apply to third parties according to their specific characteristics and risk profile.

Issue information and certification requests through a simple workflow.  Track responses and initiate follow-ups as needed and store all documentation in a single repository linked to the supplier master data record for easy search and reconciliation.

Carry out assessments, due diligence and audits to verify third parties according to their risk profile.  Validate information with trusted external sources and link compliance status to wider GRC programs and supplier performance management initiatives as needed – all made possible through a single, accurate supplier data layer.

Define controls, track issues and corrective actions with suppliers and internal stakeholders, all working from the same consistent data and a single interface that eliminates confusion and friction.

Gain unparalleled visibility into all your supplier’s third-party risk and compliance initiatives using the in-built supplier analytics capability or by exporting to your preferred business intelligence solution.

Why HICX for Supplier Compliance Management?

Single point of control

One system for managing all aspects of supplier compliance management, from initial data gathering to document storage and ongoing workflow

Build on accurate supplier data

No compliance initiative or program is fit for purpose, if the underlying supplier data is flawed. Establish solid data foundations and radically improve compliance levels and confidence.

Upfront compliance

Ensure compliance with corporate policies and country regulations before any new supplier records are created.

Simple to manage

Business users can quickly build and manage complex compliance management programs at scale, without the need for IT support. Book a demo and see how our supplier compliance management software could work for you.

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