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Event — July 28, 2022

Webinar: How to Connect Supplier Data Silos

With the rise of hybrid suite and best-of-breed environments, one of the key priorities for organizations is ensuring that data silos are avoided. Data silos make integration difficult, reporting impossible and they do not provide a suitable platform for digitizing procurement. However, with the correct data governance processes in place, they are not inevitable. Join us for […]

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Webinar — 52min watch

Using Supplier Data To Drive Resilience, Visibility and Value

It is safe to say that, over the last 24 months, the pandemic has reinforced an unavoidable truth: in order to maintain a competitive edge, business must drive resilience and visibility across their supply chain – and having a strong digital strategy has been shown to be key to achieving this. In our latest webinar, […]

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News — March 2, 2022

HICX – Making the most of supplier information to manage risk

How can you make the most of supplier information to manage risk? Costas Xyloyiannis, CEO of HICX, shares four steps to achieving this

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