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Webinar: How to Connect Supplier Data Silos

- Webinar: How to Connect Supplier Data Silos

With the rise of hybrid suite and best-of-breed environments, one of the key priorities for organizations is ensuring that data silos are avoided. Data silos make integration difficult, reporting impossible and they do not provide a suitable platform for digitizing procurement.

However, with the correct data governance processes in place, they are not inevitable. Join us for this webinar, as Costas Xyloyiannis, CEO at HICX shares his practical advice on how to avoid and connect these data silos, along with steps to ensure that organizations are ready for the next wave of digitalization.

In this webinar, learn:

  • Why data silos still persist and how to spot them
  • How lack of governance causes bad data and how to avoid it
  • How to use a governance framework to define processes and system requirements

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