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How To Connect Supplier Data Silos (And Empower New Tech)

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How To Connect Supplier Data Silos

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How to connect supplier data silos & empower new technology. Data silos make integration difficult, reporting impossible & they do not provide a suitable platform for digitizing procurement.

Connecting different data silos remains on the corporate agenda of a number of organizations. Procurement leaders continue to find that transactional systems, such as ERPs and P2Ps, are unable to solve their data management challenges.

This report focuses on the gap within the industry and how using multiple best-of-breed systems is the optimal approach, in line with the mantra, “Only two moments matter in a piece of data’s lifetime: The moment it is created and the moment it is used.”

This white paper explores:

  • A critical issue regarding supplier data
  • The reason data silos still persist
  • The central role of governance
  • Process and system requirements
  • The key next steps

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