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Multidomain MDM versus domain-expert MDM approach

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multidomain mdm - Multidomain MDM versus domain-expert MDM approach

What’s inside?

Supplier Information Management, or SIM, is leading the digital transformation in Procurement.

Two dominant approaches for the implementation of SIM are multidomain MDM (Master Data Management) versus domain-expert MDM. The overwhelming advice when undertaking a supplier-related data project is to: “Evaluate a solution based on business requirements, rather than data problems to fix.”

Many enterprises looking to deploy Supplier Information Management opt for a Master Data Management (MDM) approach in order to capitalize on the benefits of authoritative data sources, data standardization and consistency; and the readily available access to business intelligence. Multidomain MDM solutions are often touted as the silver bullet for achieving a single source of truth and authoritative master golden records for an enterprise. This leads to an inaccurate conclusion that multidomain MDM will achieve a lower total cost of ownership and rapid time to value compared to a single domain, or domain expert MDM solution.

This report compares and contrasts these two common approaches:

  • Time required for the implementation of the SIM project
  • Processes spanning global, local, and cross-functional organizations
  • Implications for data models and change requests

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