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Supplier Information Management

On-boarding and profile management for 100% of your suppliers

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Product overview

Remove friction from the supplier lifecycle with perfect data

Single version of truth

Supplier information management ensures every system that touches supplier data is working from the same golden record. Whichever software you use to manage different parts of the supplier lifecycle, keep them all in sync with a single supplier dataset.

Joined-up supplier experience

Poor supplier data in the enterprise inflicts pain on your suppliers. Standardizing on a single source of truth with supplier information management enables a frictionless experience for all suppliers.

Efficiency for every team

Supplier information management gives you accurate, complete and trustworthy supplier data and increases efficiency for almost every team in your business, from AP to Supply Chain, Procurement, Ops and any other function that works with suppliers or their data.

Supplier Onboarding

Onboard suppliers for the whole organisation, not just for one software solution.

  • 100% of suppliers, no exceptions. Onboard all direct and indirect suppliers with a single supplier portal solution.

  • Fully integrated supplier data. Getting onboarding right lays the foundation for supplier master data quality across every system that needs it.

  • Remove the pain of manual onboarding.  Fully digitize supplier onboarding and reduce the time and cost of adding new suppliers with supplier information management.

  • Enterprise-class onboarding. The flexibility to handle any scenario and any complexity at massive scale with supplier information management.

  • Create tailored experiences for all your suppliers. Simpler for them; compliant and efficient for you.

Supplier onboarding process

“I have seen some of the larger source-to-pay systems and what they can offer as far as supplier information management is concerned, and frankly I think they would struggle to do what we do in HICX.”

Adam Hubbard, Supply Chain Governance and Performance Manager at EDF

Supplier Profiles

Create and maintain supplier profiles that serve every team at every stage of the supplier lifecycle.

  • Supplier self-service. Enable suppliers to maintain their own data, including compliance certifications, contact details and bank account data, according to your governance rules with HICX’s supplier information management software solution.

  • Single source of truth for every team.  Ensure everyone in the company is working from the same, accurate and complete data with supplier information management.

  • Validate and augment supplier data with automated integrations or ‘punchouts’ to dozens of trusted 3rd party data sources.

  • ERP-friendly. Your ERP needs data that neither suppliers nor your teams can provide. Build bespoke automation rules and let HICX ensure your ERP vendor master is complete and accurate, while shielding users from the pain and complexity.

  • Intelligent updates. Changes to the supplier record are frequently needed but risky; implement governance and workflows to balance business efficiency, risk and data integrity.

Suppler profiles with HICX supplier information management

Maintain and Improve Data

Manage your supplier data as a precious resource.

  • Continuous improvement of your ever-changing supplier data. Automation rules to analyse for duplicates, gaps, errors and change on an ongoing basis.

  • Adjust and update supplier profiles for new supplier types and business use cases.  Flexibility to handle any scenario with HICX supplier information management.

  • Run data update campaigns with suppliers to maintain ownership, buy-in and data accuracy

  • Activate and de-activate suppliers as business relationships change. Associate profiles with new business units or product lines, and cancel or make dormant as contracts end.

  • Seamlessly add large new datasets from brand acquisitions or system migrations with intelligent match and merge tools that won’t disrupt live transactions

  • Ensure no team or system is out of date through continuous synchronization with ERP, P2P and any other system that touches supplier data with HICX’s supplier information management software solution

supplier information management improve HICX

Manage Supplier Risk

Put accurate data at the heart of your supplier risk management

  • Trusted 3rd party risk data and analysis seamlessly integrated into suppliers profiles and supplier workflows

  • Granular and configurable rules and alerts to flag potential risk items based on changing circumstances or risk thresholds.  Keep your teams informed and up to date with HICX’s supplier information management software.

  • Maintain & manage supplier compliance with government and industry regulation across your entire supplier base with intelligent alerts for certification expiry and business relationship changes

  • Establish processes for supplier risk reporting on an ongoing basis and assign responsibilities to team members for report collation.

Manage supplier information & risk

Governance and Control

Supplier Information Management: Take control of your supplier data

  • Lock down transactional systems like ERP to prevent unauthorised changes to supplier data while fully supporting local requirements and variations.

  • Automated monitoring alerts to potential risks and opportunities as data and information changes.

  • Ensure that data is trustworthy and reliable, while taking into account the complexities of different requirements at global and local levels.

  • Single entry point for new data and changes.  Stop bad data at source by making approved changes easier through a single, controlled front door.

supplier information management sync HICX


HICX is only for supplier data.  We’re a domain-expert supplier master data management provider focused on delivering real value to business users in Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance and beyond.  We don’t provide a generic Master Data Management tool to satisfy narrow IT requirements for a simple master record, but a complete solution to address the business processes that rely on supplier data.

We’ve enabled some of the world’s largest and most complex businesses to take control of their supplier data.

Cleansing data at the start of the project sounds so enticing, but it doesn’t work in practice.  Almost nobody is willing to re-upload ‘cleaned’ data back into their live transactional systems as there’s just too much risk.

At HICX we take a different approach. You start by controlling the entry point for all new data and any changes to existing data.  Then, using our unique merge tools, we can identify low fill rates, fields with common errors, unused fields, missing mandatory data and all the major causes of data problems and data upload failures before reintegrating the improved data in to your live production system.

Achieve rapid improvements in data quality and implement the controls to keep it that way.

Supplier data is a business challenge, not an IT one. HICX supplier data consolidation projects focus on the business transformation outcome, not on fixing a narrow data problem.  We help businesses transform real-world business uses cases that span multiple teams across the organization.

HICX works with the largest brands in the world, supporting hundreds of thousands of suppliers per client.  The platform is designed to handle very large data loads in minutes, essential in real-world projects where waiting for hours or even days is just not practical.

HICX is low-code.  Every brand has unique requirements and low-code enables non-technical staff to customise the solution without the need to wait in line for scarce IT resources.  It also enables us to deliver very large-scale supplier data projects in unheard-of timeframes.

Forms, approvals workflows, alerts, 3rd party ‘punchouts,’ integrations and even the data model can be configured to your company’s specific requirements by those that know the processes – the business users – and in a fraction of the time it would take the IT department or your systems integrator to code a generic MDM solution.

HICX understands the reality of major data projects – a simple cycle of ‘extract-clean-reload’ simply never happens.  We provide a set of data consolidation tools that allow you to manage, organise, improve and prepare your data for integration with your live business systems – efficiently and repeatably, enabling you to adopt a phased approach that suits your business need. Book a demo and see how our best-in-class supplier information management solution could work for you.

While every organisation’s supplier data model is unique, there are requirements that are common to all.  Based on the experience of implementing hundreds of major projects, we have a canonical data model that massively simplifies the mapping process, leading to more efficient supplier information management projects with much shorter time-to-value.

Supplier Management for the Enterprise

Supplier Management Solutions to enable your suppliers to do their best work for you.

Product overview