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Article — 6 min read

Tax reporting changes: Making IRS compliance easy with Supplier Information Management (SIM)

Making IRS compliance easy with SIM, tax reporting requirements can change regularly and, as such, the quality of an organization’s supplier data will determine how rapidly – and at what cost – any new requirements can be incorporated into the database in order to remain compliant. This article reviews the latest changes unveiled by the […]

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Article — 12 min read

Coronavirus Crisis: The Lessons Procurement Must Learn From COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic, more than any other crisis event in recent times, presented immediate and urgent challenges to organisations, and major threats to business continuity. As such, all divisions of all organisations – including procurement – have had to adapt to support rapidly changing priorities. This extreme adaptation is actually an outright acceleration of trends […]

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Article — 4.5 min read

You Can’t Achieve Procurement Success Without A Strong Foundation

When it comes to managing your organisation’s suppliers, it’s likely that one of your main concerns is increasing supply chain efficiency. What makes us sure about this? Well, because you’re not alone in this respect. In fact, according to a survey carried out by PayStream Advisors, 39% of enterprise-level (companies with revenues greater than $2bn) […]

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