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Supplier Master Data Management

Enjoy complete confidence in 100% of your supplier data

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Supplier Master Data Management: Supplier Master Data Cleansing

Enable every team in your business to get the best from their suppliers and spend time working on business outcomes not on finding, validating and correcting the same supplier data over and over.

Unlock performance insights and increase control and supply chain resilience built on solid supplier data foundations.

“The opportunities that come from the consolidation and enhancement of data can have a healthy business impact.”

Greg Brown, Head of Procurement Directorate

A complete supplier data record

Capture, maintain and govern all the data that every part of your business needs on each supplier, not just the sub-set your ERP requires

100% of suppliers

Direct or indirect, strategic or occasional - one system to manage the data for every supplier to your business

Control through a single entry point

Focus on control, not cleansing data. Ensure all new data and any changes come through a 'single front-door' to maintain data quality permanently.

Key capabilities

For supplier master data to be truly valuable to the business, it cannot be limited to a handful of ‘global’ fields, often driven by the needs of the ERP.  Instead, a truly flexible data model must accommodate the changing and unforeseen requirements that all the systems, teams and processes across the business have of supplier data.

HICX supports a three-layer data model that takes account of the specific local buyer / supplier relationship at BU, plant or any other location level.

Just standardizing the supplier name and supplier ID might tick the ‘MDM’ box, but it won’t transform the business.

By default, many organizations end up using their ERP vendor master as the single version of truth.  In single-instance, super-simple businesses, this might be ok, but this model simply doesn’t work in multi-ERP, complex global enterprises in which there are dozens of systems using supplier data.

The HICX supplier master data management solution integrates with any system in the business that uses or holds supplier data, and provides a single golden record to be used by all.

HICX also operates in environments where IT policy requires that the ERP remains the ‘master’.

Taking control of your existing dataset can be daunting.  HICX has developed a methodology and match and merge technology that removes the pain.  Unlike other vendors, HICX doesn’t require you to force your data into a fixed proprietary model, we simply take it exactly as outputted by all of your different ERP, P2P or any other source system.

Data governance is not technology, but it is enabled by it.  With its full support for global and local data, HICX allows for fine-grained data governance rules that reflect business reality.

For example, whereas a supplier’s tax ID is unlikely to change, whereas adding a new plant location is much more common.  Recognizing these as global or local data attributes enables you to implement the necessary controls over which members of staff can change what and under what circumstances.

Why HICX for Supplier Master Data Management

Thousands of ERP integrations completed

We've integrated supplier data to thousands of ERP instances and understand the detail that can so often derail supplier master data management projects.

Flexible enough for the most complex

Every large company has unique and complex requirements. Our platform is built for ultimate configuration with no custom development needed.

Implementation and service

We combine technology and expertise to deliver highly complex supplier management projects in record time - just ask our customers!

Supplier domain specialists

We're 100% focused on solutions to help enterprises and their suppliers work better together. Book a demo and see how our supplier master data management software could work for you.

More ways to use HICX

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