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Supplier Data Consolidation

A single source of truth for supplier data. Every supplier, in every system.

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Suppler Data Consolidation
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Supplier Data Consolidation:

Digital transformation built on rock-solid data foundations

Start the journey to great supplier data by bringing it all together with supplier data consolidation. The perfect supplier data model for every system in your organisation. Match and merge datasets without disrupting your business. Get the right tool to manage your supplier data, now and through every business change.

“The opportunities that come from the consolidation and enhancement of data can have a healthy business impact.”

Greg Brown, Head of Procurement Directorate

Supplier golden record

Unite on a single definition of "supplier" and a data model that can support every use case in your business, including micro-variations at a local level with supplier data consolidation.

All supplier data in one place

Consolidate all data into a single supplier master data management system covering direct and indirect suppliers.  Bring in supplier data from any number of ERP instances or P2P systems to ensure 100% of suppliers are included.

Business-ready data

Supplier data is a business challenge, not an IT one. Transform real-world business uses cases in Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance, Risk, Ops and more with supplier data consolidation.

Key Features

Extract all your supplier data from any system, using pre-built connectors to all the major ERP and P2P platforms.

Flexible integration framework to support extraction of data from any bespoke system.

No need to manipulate data to a HICX format, just output from your ERP and we take it from there.

Data extractions built once and re-used over and over deliver huge efficiency savings for the project team.

The perfect supplier data model for every system in your organisation

Quickly identify fields

Quickly identify the fields actually being used in each ERP instance and other applications.


Investigate fill rates, format inconsistencies and data nesting relationships without having to trawl through Excel files with supplier data consolidation.

Identify business and system requirements

Identify business and system requirements for the data – what is mandatory in the ERP? What does each data user need in order to perform their role?


Build the data rules to remove redundant data entry for both your internal teams and your suppliers with supplier data consolidation.

Match and merge datasets without disrupting your business

Extract data

Extract data from existing systems with minimal effort.

Built to handle scale

A system architecture and the AWS cloud delivers the scale needed to handle millions of records in minutes.

Merge data based on your rules

Combine records, auto-fill fields to provide complete records for ERP and deploy complex logic to support local requirements with supplier data consolidation.

Reconcile before and after data

Don't fall into the usual data cleansing traps, instead be confident that you can reload data into live systems without disruption.

Upload merged data

Without breaking live transactions.  Open POs, sourcing events and payment cycles continue uninterrupted with supplier data consolidation.

Tools to manage your supplier data, now and through every business change

Admin console

Admin console to manage extract and merge projects as they arise.

Merge wizards

Merge wizards to quickly accommodate new datasets with minimal tech support

ERP connector library

ERP connector library to accommodate new BUs or acquisitions regardless of their ERP or P2P technology stack.

Add and remove datasets

Add and remove datasets from brand acquisitions, systems changes, divestitures and more.


At the data stage in typical P2P and ERP projects, the vendor requires you to prepare your data based on their model, often by completing a complicated spreadsheet with hundreds of fields.  This is one of the biggest blockers to supplier data consolidation projects, but not with HICX.

Because we’ve integrated with all the major systems, and because we’re supplier data experts, we take exactly what your ERP outputs as standard – no manipulation, no spreadsheets and no project delays as your teams wade through the data.

Cleansing data at the start of the project sounds so enticing, but it doesn’t work in practice.  Almost nobody is willing to re-upload ‘cleaned’ data back into their live transactional systems as there’s just too much risk.

At HICX we take a different approach. You start by controlling the entry point for all new data and any changes to existing data.  Then, using our unique merge tools, we can identify low fill rates, fields with common errors, unused fields, missing mandatory data and all the major causes of data problems and data upload failures before reintegrating the improved data in to your live production system.

Achieve rapid improvements in data quality and implement the controls to keep it that way.

HICX is only for supplier data.  We’re a domain-expert master data management provider focused on delivering real value to business users in Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance and beyond.  We don’t provide a generic Master Data Management tool to satisfy narrow IT requirements for a simple master record, but a complete solution to address the business processes that rely on supplier data.

We’ve enabled some of the world’s largest and most complex businesses to take control of their supplier data.

HICX works with the largest brands in the world, supporting hundreds of thousands of suppliers per client.  The platform is designed to handle very large data loads in minutes, essential in real-world projects where waiting for hours or even days is just not practical.

HICX is a low code supplier platform.  Every brand has unique requirements and low-code enables non-technical staff to customise the solution without the need to wait in line for scarce IT resources.  It also enables us to deliver very large-scale supplier data projects in unheard-of timeframes.

Forms, approvals workflows, alerts, 3rd party ‘punchouts,’ integrations and even the data model can be configured to your company’s specific requirements by those that know the processes – the business users – and in a fraction of the time it would take the IT department or your systems integrator to code a generic MDM solution.

HICX understands the reality of major data projects – a simple cycle of ‘extract-clean-reload’ simply never happens.  We provide a set of supplier data consolidation tools that allow you to manage, organise, improve and prepare your data for integration with your live business systems – efficiently and repeatably, enabling you to adopt a phased approach that suits your business need. Book a demo and see how our supplier data consolidation tools could work for you.

While every organisation’s supplier data model is unique, there are requirements that are common to all.  Based on the experience of implementing hundreds of major projects, we have a canonical data model that massively simplifies the mapping process, leading to more efficient projects with much shorter time-to-value.

Supplier Management for the Enterprise

Supplier Management Solutions to enable your suppliers to do their best work for you.

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