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Supplier Performance Management

Build trust with data-driven supplier performance management

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A Balanced Approach to Supplier Performance Management That’s Based on Accurate Data

Enable your suppliers to do their best work for you with a balanced approach to supplier performance management that’s based on accurate data.

Combine survey-based input with performance data from your ERP and supply chain applications and follow-up with improvement plans that your suppliers buy-in to.

“[The use of the software] “is critical to NHSBT’s ongoing management and mitigation of inbound supply risks related to the end of the [Brexit] transition period and Covid-19””

Spokeperson, UK NHS Blood and Transport


Gain a 360-degree view of supplier performance by combining survey-based responses from across your teams, with data insights from your systems; all in one place.


Supplier performance management that's fully integrated with your transactional systems, trusted 3rd party sources and your supplier data model.

Flexibility and scale

The building blocks to build supplier performance management programs at true enterprise-scale without sacrificing usability.

Key capabilities

Managing performance across a wide range of supplier types, business units, product lines and performance criteria demands flexibility without sacrificing usability.

Built on its industry-leading supplier data technology, HICX’s supplier performance management enables non-technical staff to create, manage and execute performance assessments that are as granular as needed, but which roll-up to a common view to enable broad comparisons and decision-making.

We’ve developed the capability to serve some of the most complex and distributed manufacturers in the world with a keen focus on internal and supplier adoption.

Supplier performance management has traditionally either been survey-based – for supplier risk, supplier compliance and subjective assessments – or it’s been based on business intelligence (BI) reports fed by transactional systems for metrics such as ‘OTIF’ (on-time / in-full).  HICX combines both into a single, complete scorecard-based model to provide a true representation of supplier performance.

Weight KPIs according to specific business priorities and base-line performance at the start in order to provide insight into performance over time.

Measuring supplier performance in very large organizations is too often considered too difficult to manage beyond a handful of strategic suppliers.  Accommodating multiple supplier types and a hierarchy of buyer-supplier relationships that can include combinations of business units, geographical locations, product lines, factory sites and more, can be daunting.

HICX addresses this with a highly flexible approach using building blocks that business line staff, with no technical skills, can use to develop supplier performance measurement programs focused precisely on their specific requirements.  All of this while maintaining supplier master data integrity and a common measurement system to enable meaningful comparison and assessment across the broader supplier base.

Set performance-based thresholds and configure alerts to monitor and evaluate supplier performance in real-time, enabling faster responses to issues as they arise.

Set goals for individual suppliers across multiple KPIs and trigger alerts if these aren’t met and automate SLA tracking to ensure suppliers are performing in line with contract terms.

Performance management should be an ongoing discipline, not on ad hoc or annual tick-box exercise.  Establish a cadence of surveys and performance initiatives and automate data collection phases to remove the manual burden while ensuring regular and timely supplier performance management cycles.

HICX supports more than 40 pre-built integrations or ‘punchouts’ to trusted 3rd party sources of supplier information.  Add context and clarity to supplier performance scorecards by automatically incorporating independent data and insights.

Establish supplier performance management programs without having to build everything from scratch.  HICX provides a library of standard KPIs and reporting templates which can be used out-of-the-box or modified using a simple no-code interface based on your unique requirements.

Why HICX for Supplier Performance Management

Solid data foundations

Standalone performance management risks using inaccurate or incomplete supplier data. Gain performance insights based on good data and make better decisions.


A SaaS infrastructure built for the largest, most complex and highly regulated companies in the world. Scale, security and flexibility built-in. Book a demo and see how our supplier performance management software could work for you.

Low-code and no-code

Defining every supplier performance management scenario up-front is impossible, so flexible configuration is key. HICX provides the development tools for tech and non-tech staff to quickly configure to any scenario.

Two-way performance

Build mutual trust with suppliers by reporting on your performance against key supplier-centric measures and drive overall supplier experience improvement.

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