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How to Adopt Best-Of-Breed as Part of a Procurement Digital Transformation Strategy

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Article — 10.5 min read

The Era of Best of Breed Solutions: Experts Weigh In

One of the greatest advantages of working with best-of-breed vendors compared to solutions provided by single suite vendors is that best-of-breed vendors are focused on solving specific use cases within specialist areas, which means that the expertise that they can provide in relation to that area is especially strong. For this reason, there has been […]

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Webinar — 55min watch

How Best of Breed Technology Enables Strategic Transformation of Procurement

Delivering Supplier Experience Management (SXM) through Best of Breed Technology In the final installment of our series of webinars on ‘Delivering Supplier Experience Management (SXM) through Best of Breed Technology, our panelists discussed how best-of-breed technology enables the strategic transformation of Procurement. James Meads, who runs the Procurement Software Site, was the moderator for this session […]

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