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Why Is Supplier Experience Now Such a Key Priority?

The era of Supplier Experience is here Accelerated by recent global events and propelled by today’s need to fundamentally change the way in which organizations interact with their suppliers, there is a realization in the industry that the enterprise-supplier relationship cannot be treated as a zero-sum game. Suppliers as an extension of the organization Instead, […]

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How supplier experience management drives innovation

In the latest episode of ‘Dial P for Procurement,’ broadcast live on Tuesday 16 March, HICX CEO, Costas Xyloyiannis, joined co-hosts Kelly Barner (Buyers Meeting Point) and Scott Luton (Supply Chain Now), along with Quentin Roach, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Chief Procurement Officer at Mondelez International. They discussed changes in demand in the […]

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WPC 2020: The Mondelez journey to world-class digital procurement

A summary of the session at WPC 2020 with HICX and Mondelez on supplier experience management. Learn how Mondelez built a world-class digital procurement strategy.

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