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Interview with Ragnar Lorentzen on Supplier Experience Management

Interview with Ragnar Lorentzen on Supplier Experience Management

In a series of interviews that took place during the World Procurement Congress 2022 (WPC) in London, we spoke to a number of thought leaders and experts from the Procurement and Supply Chain industries on their opinions on Supplier Experience Management (SXM) and the future of Procurement.

The aim of this 3-day congress was to ‘challenge the status quo’ and amplify the voices of those that are ‘pushing the boundaries on innovation, ESG, and supply chain resiliency’ as they ‘deliver fresh insights, challenge conclusions and provide action plans and recommendations.

This is the fifth video on SXM in this series, in which we spoke to Ragnar Lorentzen. Ragnar is a Chief Commercial Officer at HICX and is on a mission to spread the news of the Supplier Experience Management benefits to both suppliers and enterprises.

For Ragnar Supplier Experience Management is an emerging topic, however, he prefers the definition by Dr. Elouise Epstein, Partner at Kearney, which states SXM is ‘an easy and delightful way for suppliers to interact with you as a customer, as well as your procuretech systems.”

Watch the full interview with Ragnar as he delves into:

  • The reasons why SXM is growing in importance
  • Different ways in which enterprises can prepare for and successfully adopt SXM
  • Various benefits SXM can bring to both enterprises and their suppliers

Ragnar has explained he has observed the drivers of the SXM trend as, “Companies are gearing up to become more of a customer-of-choice. They want to be the customer that gets the last products on the shelf, so to speak, when there is restricted supply. This is a competition that is becoming very strategic at the moment.”

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