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Interview with Carmen Erhardt on Supplier Experience Management

Carmen Erhardt on Supplier Experience Management

In a series of interviews which took place during World Procurement Congress 2022 (WPC) in London, we spoke to a number of thought-leaders and experts from the Procurement and Supply Chain industries about their opinions on Supplier Experience Management (SXM) and the future of Procurement.

The theme of this year’s event was ‘Challenging the status quo,’ with the aim of amplifying the voices of those that are ‘pushing the boundaries on innovation, ESG and supply chain resiliency’ as they ‘deliver fresh insights, challenge conclusions, and provide action plans and recommendations.’

In the first video of this series, we spoke to Carmen Erhardt, Head of Global Processes, Operations and Digitalization at Henkel.

Carmen agrees that the way in which we work with suppliers is changing and is actively working on ways of incorporating ongoing improvements to the supplier experience as part of Henkel’s strategy.

“It is about creating an amazing supplier experience in order to attract suppliers to work with solutions we put in place, and to get what we need from suppliers. So, the ultimate target is to create a win-win solution,” she comments.

Watch the full interview with Carmen to hear her views on:

  • Factors needed to successfully realize this vision of supplier collaboration
  • Various challenges enterprises are facing as they try to improve the experience of their suppliers
  • The benefits for the enterprises who improve supplier experience

“We need to have that data, we need to have the touchpoints, we need to have an actual data set from our suppliers. It’s not a nice to have, it is actually a must have,” she concludes.

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