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Article — 6 min read

Tax reporting changes: Making IRS compliance easy with Supplier Information Management (SIM)

Making IRS compliance easy with SIM, tax reporting requirements can change regularly and, as such, the quality of an organization’s supplier data will determine how rapidly – and at what cost – any new requirements can be incorporated into the database in order to remain compliant. This article reviews the latest changes unveiled by the […]

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Article — 7.5 min read

The ROI of Supplier Master Data Management for Accounts Payable

At the core of the AP function is what a company pays its suppliers for goods and services rendered. By having company resources spend a great deal of time deciding whom to pay, how to pay, and when to pay, certain inefficiencies in completing a “procure-to-pay” cycle ensue. Some of the common questions AP personnel frequently […]

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Article — 4.5 min read

Where can Automotive Retail Companies make Real Savings?

The Automotive Retail sector is going to change dramatically over the next five years. New retail experiences, technologies and consumer buying behaviors will mean that automotive retailers will need to adapt to remain profitable in a changing market. However, the one positive aspect is that over 60% of consumers still go for test drives and […]

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