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Article — 10.5 min read

What Is Supplier Lifecycle Management & How Does It Help Manage Supplier Performance?

Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) allows organizations and their suppliers to develop and cultivate more productive and mutually beneficial business relationships. Nurturing and managing vendor performance through supplier lifecycle management processes enables the organization to control and shape the supplier lifecycle and performance to its advantage while also ensuring that the vendor is set up to […]

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Article — 7.5 min read

An 8 Step Guide to Launching a Supplier Centric Strategy

What is supplier centricity? Being supplier centric means not treating suppliers as a commodity but setting them with the right foundations to do their best work for you. It is a mindset shift that acknowledges that all suppliers, rather than just the strategic few, should have access to a one-to-one style relationship. It also means […]

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Article — 9 min read

How to Realize the Benefits of Supplier Centricity

The benefits of supplier centricity As Adam Brown, Procurement Strategy & Digital Transformation at Maersk puts it, “Procurement needs to play the role of enabler, ensuring that it asserts its role in ‘getting the data shaped up,’ and using its insight and expertise to understand the supplier experience in its entirety.”  This means buyers must […]

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