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Article — 4.5 min read

HICX Releases New Podcast Series To Help Enterprises & Suppliers Achieve Mutual Success

Supplier Experience Live Podcast from HICX At HICX we are launching our new 2022 podcast series in which the procurement community can discover the latest topics, trends and discussions in the world of procurement technology. The podcast, Supplier Experience Live, will be releasing one to two new episodes every month. True to its name, the […]

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Article — 3 min read

From Amsterdam With Love: Insights From Digital Procurement World 2019

You’d have to have a stone heart and the ability to block out the left half of your brain not to come out of DPW feeling hugely inspired and energised about all the cool tech stuff going on in procurement at the moment. I loved the diversity of ProcureTECH providers at DPW. Too often these […]

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Article — 1.5 min read

Spend Matters SolutionMap Q1 2019 – SRM and Risk: a good start to the year!

Q1 2019 is already drawing to a close (if you can quite believe it – where does the time go?), and that means it’s time to dive into the latest Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Risk SolutionMap from Spend Matters. Truth be told, not a huge amount has changed since the last SolutionMap was released […]

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