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HICX: Optimising supplier experience management

Procurement Magazine

Discover HICX’s insights on how procurement functions can navigate rocky terrain with suppliers beyond 2021

“The 2020s have been one tough decade…and it’s only 2021! When it comes to building strong supplier experience management for the future, procurement needs to rethink our strategies…” commented HICX.

But how can this be done in such a volatile market?

As we look towards the future, Anthony Payne, Chief Marketing Officer at HICX explains that no doubt there will be more changes to come, “and to be resilient and successful in spite of this uncertainty, organisations need to fundamentally rethink the way they work with their suppliers.”

In the last 18 months, organisations have come to realise that “focusing solely on reducing cost and driving towards ultra-lean, low-inventory, just-in-time operations at the expense of all else, leaves businesses horribly exposed to major events.”

Instead, Payne believes that organisations should adopt a more supplier-centric approach, which HICX refers to as ‘supplier experience management’ (SXM).

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