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HICX: Have you considered supplier marketing?

- HICX: Have you considered supplier marketing?

Anthony Payne, Chief Marketing Officer at HICX, explains how a marketing approach to supplier management can boost and enhance those valued partnerships…

There is no doubt that one of the red-hot issues occupying the thoughts of every CPO and chief supply chain officer right now is supplier management. The past couple of years have proven that meaningful and strategic relationships with suppliers across the tiers and categories are vital to a company’s survival and prosperity.

SaaS provider HICX has been a major player in building best-of-class and mutually beneficial supplier experiences. And HICX’s recent work has focused on removing the friction from supplier management to unlock and consolidate data through a single source of truth. “Our background is in supplier of data,” says Anthony Payne, Chief Marketing Officer at HICX. “We’ve long been arguing that high quality supplier data is fundamental to managing supplier relationship activity whether that’s with the top 1% of your suppliers, or for efficiency in working with the ‘long tail’ and everything in between. If you’re working with incomplete and poor-quality data, you’re going to struggle.”

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