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Cost Savings Is No Longer A Top Priority—A Deloitte Study Shows


A series of comments by Costas Xyloyiannis quoted in Forbes

… However, Costas Xyloyiannis, a supplier data specialist from Imperial College London and co-founder/CEO of HICX, a supplier experience platform, begs to differ.

“The results give me hope that CPOs are setting up their businesses for success. I’m encouraged to see ESG elevated as a business priority, in combination with supplier collaboration and digital transformation as top strategies. Because raising how we work with suppliers will lay the best possible data behind ESG.”

… “With ESG now a top priority, executive suites need supplier data. Best placed to lead the journey are CPOs, whose functions are responsible for supplier relations”, says Costas Xyloyiannis.

Armed with reliable supplier data, CPOs can drive value right across the business”, says Costas Xyloyiannis. “Encouragingly, CPOs are noticing this information blockage and that they can ease it. Doing so will demand that they resolve to collaborate with suppliers and transform digitally.”

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