Business Process as a Service

HICX’s deep domain expertise coupled with cutting-edge software technology, Six Sigma experience, and process re-engineering capabilities significantly adds to the value we deliver to clients and fulfills their critical business objectives. You will benefit from increased profitability and cash flows, improved productivity and efficiency, optimized working capital, improved customer service, and faster time to market.

Our holistic, and tailored, outsourced supplier management offerings enable you to choose which parts of your supplier management process to keep in house and which parts you prefer us to manage on their behalf.

You should be concerned with:

  • Lack of sufficient internal resources
  • Under-utilization of strategic resources
  • Cost reduction

Business Process Outsourcing

Through leveraging HICX’s Business Processes as a Service, you can improve your:


Featured Case Study

A large European financial institution, with heavy manual onboarding needs, struggled with consistency and allocation of internal resources. With HICX Solutions they were able to outsource the transactional processes in the collection and maintenance of supplier information and documentation. By outsourcing these processes, they were able to recover over $220,000 in hard dollar savings, reduce onboarding time by 18 days, and ensure compliance standards were met.
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