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Supplier Marketing 101: What Can Procurement Learn from Marketing?

In this webinar, Tania Seary, Founder of Procurious, invites Anthony Payne, CMO at HICX and Nathan Hodges, Managing Director at TrinityP3 to discuss why supplier marketing is the inevitable evolution of five key trends in the procurement space: Digitalization of the procurement function The role of Procurement becoming increasingly strategic Demands for strategic data and information exchange The need for improved process efficiencies […]

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How the Suppliers’ Perspective Will Reshape Ways of Working

Collaborative mindsets and capabilities Following the recent publication of the HICX’s Voice of the Supplier Survey, in which we asked over 500 suppliers to some of the largest companies in the world about their challenges and recommendations that they have for reducing friction in relationships between enterprises and suppliers, we asked a panel of experts […]

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Negotiating Your Success: Do Your Suppliers Finally Have a Voice?

Ahead of the launch of HICX’s own Voice of the Supplier Survey, in which we asked 500+ large and international suppliers dealing with enterprise customers in the CPG, FMCG, Aerospace Defense and Energy sectors about their experience serving some of the biggest organizations in the world (i.e., those with a revenue of $1 billion or […]

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