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How Data Drives Supplier Experience, Digitization & Transformation

How Data Drives Supplier Experience, Digitization & Transformation

The growth of best-of-breed solutions is providing exciting new opportunities for Procurement, unlocking best-in-class experiences for users and, in turn, driving digitization and transformation. This provides the ability to create usable data that can be used to automate more processes, add transparency and make the supplier experience better than ever. 

In this session, Adriano Garibotto from data improvement and governance experts, Creactives, and Costas Xyloyannis from supplier experience management provider, HICX, face questions fielded by Charlotte Anabelle de Brabandt, Global Procurement Expert, Author and Digital Enthusiast to provide pragmatic guidance on how to set the organization up for success within an emerging best-of-breed landscape. 

In this webinar, find out: 

  • How Vendor Master Data quality can be improved   
  • How AI and deep learning are being used to fix the problem of bad data 
  • Why a better supplier experience creates better, more durable, usable data 
  • How best-of-breed provides a faster time to value 

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