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News — January 17, 2024

How growing businesses can get ESG-ready

As we kick off the new year, social and environmental governance (ESG) remains a central issue, and big brands remain in the spotlight as they solve how to credibly deliver net-zero targets

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Article — 12 min read

The Importance of Emissions Tracking & Management in Supply Chains

Following the most recent IPCC report, organizations face intensifying pressures to manage and track their carbon emissions throughout their supply chains to reduce their environmental impact. There is a particular focus on supply chains due to the amount of electricity used to store and transport goods in warehouses. This has led to an increasing collective […]

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Event — December 16, 2021

How Sustainable Procurement Programs Foster a Greener Future

In this webinar, we join Charlotte de Brabandt and Max Kent to discuss how sustainable procurement programs foster a greener future and how they play a role in the wider digitization of the procurement function. Charlotte is a speaker, trainer, ambassador for the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) with over 10 years of experience in […]

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