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Top 10 things overheard when using ERP for Supplier Management

      1. “We prematurely married our ERP, and thought we’d get more out of the relationship. Sadly, it’s now ‘till death do us part.”
      2. “I thought that this system was ‘intelligent’? I cannot even get a simple workflow to …”
      3. “Sure, we can customize ‘the behemoth’, but first you need to define and get agreement on all of the processes, and exceptions, across the entire organization before we start. So… come back to us next year.”
      4. “He doesn’t play nice with others – and don’t expect him to change.”
      5. “Wow, that’s just ugly!”
      6. “I thought that information and data was the same. Why, again, can’t the system handle this simple request?”
      7. “Walks like a duck, talks like a duck…”
      8. “It’ll take how long to implement? Serious?”
      9. “Which system is the information I need in?”
      10. “OK. I agree that the cost of this change is our responsibility, but I can put three kids through college for THAT price.”

Bonus. “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

In all seriousness, ERP systems were not designed to handle the dynamic nature of supplier management. In this era of globalization, mergers and acquisitions, supply chain volatility, and increasing governmental regulation, organizations are handcuffed by their existing ERP investments and cannot efficiently, and cost-effectively, manage their supply base and exposure. 
Whether enabling a new supplier, ensuring corporate policies are met, monitoring supply chain risk, or complying with the latest regulation, don’t be burdened by your ERP system(s). Since 2004, HICX Solutions has provided other organizations the ability to manage all aspects of their supplier relationship, while enabling the ERP system to do what it does best.

If you have uttered any of these lines, call us before it’s too late.

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