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Spend Matters SolutionMap Q1 2019 – SRM and Risk: a good start to the year!

Spend Matters SRM SolutionMap Q1 2019 600px

Q1 2019 is already drawing to a close (if you can quite believe it – where does the time go?), and that means it’s time to dive into the latest Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Risk SolutionMap from Spend Matters.

Truth be told, not a huge amount has changed since the last SolutionMap was released in Q4 2018, but that’s not always a bad thing. Given the size of the other companies operating in this market, it’s a positive sign that we’re able to maintain our standing and either match or surpass many of the major players.

As you can see in the charts below, this is especially true for key metrics such as flexibility of the system (nimble) and how well it integrates with existing ERPs and systems (CIO-friendly), as well as the accompanying support, expertise and capabilities we offer our customers (turn-key). It’s always nice to be seen as a value leader!

However, we’re aware that there’s always room for improvement and that we cannot rest on our laurels, so we’ll continue to work hard to provide an even better product and service to our customers. It’s always good to hear feedback so thank you, as ever, for your views.

You can find the highlights from the Spend Matters SolutionMap below.


Providers that offer pre-loaded capabilities and a combination of software capability and supporting services are included in this chart.

TURNKEY Spend Matters SolutionMap Q1


This chart represents providers that offer modern and intuitive cloud-based software and which are competitively-priced.

NIMBLE Spend Matters SolutionMap Q1 2019


Software designed to make life easier for IT teams and CIOs. This chart represents SaaS providers that offer proven ERP integration and allow users to optimise their systems for greater ROI.

CIO FRIENDLY Spend Matters SolutionMap Q1 2019

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