Negotiating Your Success: Do Your Suppliers Finally Have a Voice?

- Negotiating Your Success: Do Your Suppliers Finally Have a Voice?

The Suppliers’ Perspective

From the Humphrey and Schmitz three value chain governance models and the Walmart Effect Vlasic Pickle story to the innovative upside-down Heinze bottle collaboration, our industry has gone through a sporadically halting transformation in buyer-supplier relations. At the beginning of September 2022, HICX will publish the results of their “Voice of the Supplier” survey. In their survey, they asked a large international pool of suppliers dealing with enterprise customers in the CPG, FMCG, Aerospace Defense and Energy sectors about their experience serving some of the biggest organizations in the world (i.e., those of $1 billion and above). 

What makes this particular survey different from all the others is that we can now view it through a post-pandemic world lens in the context of buyer-supplier relations over the past five decades. 

Joining Procurement Insights’ Jon Hansen will be a panel of industry thought leaders who will provide you with an unprecedented view into the buyer-supplier relationship dynamic, including: 

  • Supplier Relationship Governance and Supplier Experience Management 
  • Cost, Value, and Impact Modelling 
  • The New Global Supply Chain Reality (ESG, DE&I, and Geopolitical) 

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