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Baker Hughes: Implementing Supplier Information Management

Implementing SIM

In our latest session on end-to-end SIM strategy, we turn our attention to how a SIM solution is implemented. We will cover areas such as how to overcome alignment issues, the resources needed from IT, ensuring that all the stakeholders have been identified and are on-board for the implementation journey, how to ensure that you don’t miss a problem that will cause issues further down the line. We’ll also start thinking about the data – what are the practical steps to avoid data delays or failures.

In this session, we’ll explore what some of the biggest challenges are and how these can be overcome.

In this webinar, find out:

– How to prepare the organization for implementation of SIM
– Key components of a successful adoption strategy
– Best practice and expert learnings from the field

In this webinar, we ask Craig:

– What does it mean to be ‘organizational ready?’
– How do you maintain focus during implementation?
– What are the key aspects to a successful adoption strategy?
– How do you ensure that technology choices support desired business outcomes?
– What impact has the implementation of SIM had on the organization?
– What are the key learnings for anyone embarking on this journey?

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