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Are you average?

Average - Are you average?

The top three areas with the highest average scores are:

  1. Leadership and team strength
  2. Performance culture
  3. Supplier relationship management

The bottom three areas with the lowest average scores are (lowest first):

  1. Acting upon supplier data
  2. Procurement technology
  3. Master data management

In general it seems that spend analysis, category management, risk management, policies, and ERP’s are pretty well established and self assessment is positive when these areas are scored. Not a great surprise considering how long these concepts have been around.

However, when it comes to analytics, governance, and data, the picture is less rosy and scores reflect lower levels of organisational maturity. So why is it that in the digital age, we are still seeing data being the common thread of weakness?

It is noteworthy that questions in section 2 (collaboration, information sharing, procedures, culture, and leadership) had a higher lowest score than other sections. My interpretation is that people feel good about interacting with other people, but they are less skilled interacting with systems and data.

My conclusion, we need to think in terms of the person when designing and deploying enterprise technology. This seems such an obvious statement, but it took Apple to challenge the ‘tech’ world and make devices accessible to the uninitiated and untrained to show the IT community what people really value.

I would love the enterprise technology community to adopt this philosophy. Just because the business user doesn’t get your language doesn’t mean they cannot be trusted with the data (I have heard this argument). There are a few BI tools leading the charge to champion user driven experience.

There are very few enterprise tech firms doing this. I am proud to be associated with one that values the user as the center of all thinking.

Leave behind average, join the HICX movement, demand more from your enterprise technology experience.


Our Story

HICX is the brainchild of two computer scientists, who came together to create something different in the world of Enterprise software.

While everyone is trying to fit a square peg in a round whole (by adapting transactional systems such as ERP and P2P systems, which are inherently created to be rigid), HICX opted to create a unifying platform that could work across system silos and is super flexible to change.

Our platform lets you digitize your old procurement, finance, compliance and supply chain processes.

HICX operates out of the UK, US and UAE and manages millions of suppliers through its platform across 90+ countries globally, but our focus hasn’t wavered. We still make business software that’s efficient, simple to use and built for change.

We embody the same values we’ve had from the beginning and put engineering and innovation for our customers first.

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